CSIRO Outlook Web App

Unauthorised Use Prohibited

Warning: This service is for authorised CSIRO personnel only.

It is a criminal offence to:

  • Obtain access to data without authority (Penalty 2 years imprisonment)
  • Damage, delete, alter or insert data without authority (Penalty 10 years imprisonment)


Nexus Password Change

The Nexus password changing functionality is now part of the main OWA interface. To change your Nexus password, log in and select "Change Password" from the navigation pane.

Logging On

Authorised users may access the Outlook Web App Service by clicking on the button above. Your details are protected by encryption that prevents unauthorised people from obtaining your username and password.

SSL Certificates

You may see a message warning you that the certificate for this web server was issued by a server that you do not trust. You should carefully review the certificate to ensure that you are accessing CSIRO's servers.

Logging Off

You must close down all open web browser windows completely to log off from the Outlook Web App Service. Leaving any windows open will leave you logged on. If you leave web browser windows open on a shared computer, unauthorised people may be able to impersonate you to other CSIRO staff, or to the public.

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